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How to Buy Facebook Likes Malaysia

Venturing into the realm of buying likes for Facebook pages from Social Viral is an effortless, user-friendly process. We’ve designed our service to be uncomplicated, transparent, and highly efficient. To make your Facebook popularity soar with us, here’s the step-by-step guide:

Select a Package:

We offer a diverse range of packages tailored to accommodate varying needs and budgets. Browse through our options and pick the one that perfectly aligns with your objectives.

Provide Account Details:

All we need is your Facebook page or post link to set things in motion. Rest assured, we highly value your privacy and security, therefore, no password or any private information is required from you.

Watch Your Followers Grow:

Proceed to finalize your purchase via our secure and convenient payment gateway. Once your order is processed successfully, relax and observe the magic happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We offer the following means of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • Credit card
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Bank transfer/advance payment

We have smaller packages with Malaysian fans from Malaysia as well as larger packages with international fans. These are real Facebook users who are registered in exchange networks and receive something in return for their Like.

For the Malaysian fans, you can set a daily limit of at least 10 fans per day. Unfortunately, this is not possible for the international fans. However, you can initially take smaller packages so that the growth is more moderate.

The fans are very stable. We always provide a few more fans than ordered, so that there is always a small buffer in the event of any declines.

Unfortunately, we cannot specify target groups. Of course, it can happen that a user is interested in your site. But that is the exception rather than the rule.

Buying fans has primarily a cosmetic benefit. The more fans you have, the more worthy your page seems to be to follow – provided you also have great content and a lot of interaction on your posts.

In English one usually speaks of likes. In Malaysian we often call them fans – i.e. users who like your site. But there are also likes for posts, also called post likes. Those are also thumbs up, but not for fansites, but for contributions.

Yes, on fansites you will see a counter for both fans and followers. If you order likes from us, the number of followers on your page will increase at the same time. Every like is also a follower. However, our offer for Facebook followers relates to followers to private profiles. 

For individual offers or quotas, you are welcome to send us an inquiry to

We check every order by hand. In most cases, the start takes place within 24 hours after ordering, but in individual cases it can take up to three working days, for example on public holidays or weekends. The processing time specified in the selection box applies from the beginning. If you are in a hurry, we recommend selecting the Premium Delivery option in the shopping cart.

Are you in charge of a Facebook fan page that doesn’t really want to gain momentum?

Have you put countless hours into promoting your site, but the desired success is still missing?

You are not alone. Many admins get to a point where they just can’t go on.

But what if you could just buy new fans and post likes, sit back and watch them grow without doing much?

It’s going ok! Here with us, you can buy Facebook likes.

Buying Malaysian Facebook Likes & Followers? The Most Important Questions at a Glance

More and more companies are building on Facebook. No wonder: never before has it been so easy to get in direct contact with customers, to collect feedback and likes and to market products in a targeted manner. With the increasing number of Facebook fan pages, however, the competition for the most important asset is also growing: the fans.

After all, the prerequisite for successful social media marketing is a particularly large number of likes and dubious apps, and the Facebook likes hack is not a secure solution. However, this is precisely where many a marketing professional bites their teeth. And looking for a quick fix. Bought Facebook Likes are becoming an increasingly common means, but for many – due to a lack of experience – they represent a kind of black box. In this article we have summarized for you why buying Facebook fans makes sense, what you should consider and how it actually works.

7 Reasons to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers Malaysia

The “why” of buying likes seems obvious: We buy Facebook fans and likes to increase our number of likes. At second glance, however, the reasons are more diverse than expected. For example, did you know that buying Facebook fans can have a positive effect on your Google ranking? No? Then our other six reasons might surprise you too!

1. Buying Facebook likes is cheap

Buying Facebook fans is possible for a relatively small sum. Not only the high cost factor of classic advertising measures plays a role here. Time is money. 

And measured by the effort that you have to put into organic Facebook Likes, the investment in buying Facebook Likes is definitely worth it. Feel free to start with a smaller Likes package and gradually increase your Facebook Likes. This looks more authentic, especially with newly set up fan pages, leads to more reach and is easy on the wallet.

2. You can build on bought fans

With a solid fan base right from the start, you’ll increase your exposure,  get more views, and gain new fans and likes in the long run. 

Because Facebook users have fewer inhibitions about subscribing to a page that already has many Facebook likes. Key word: herd instinct. Perhaps you have already observed this effect on yourself? If you buy Facebook Likes, you can use this effect for yourself.

3. Facebook Likes are a status symbol

Facebook is the most used social network with more than a billion users worldwide. As a result, Facebook fans are very important: Artists and companies are often rated according to the number of likes they have. If there are only a few, the site does not seem interesting or, worse, dubious. A good reason to buy Facebook Likes.

4. They draw attention

Buying Malaysian Facebook Likes helps to attract attention faster. This also applies to search engines: Pages with many likes appear higher in Google search results. This allows you to get a better reach not only on Facebook, but also beyond!

5. You look good

Do you run your fansite for fun? Even if you don’t need to improve your Google ranking or boost sales, buying fans is very worthwhile. After all, a lot of likes simply look good and add considerable value to your page. Your friends will be amazed when you buy Facebook Likes!

6. They are becoming increasingly important

In the next few years, the importance of Malaysian Facebook fans is expected to increase further. No advertising poster or flyer can do without a reference to the Facebook presence. Websites come standard with a Like button to attract customers to the Facebook page – no matter how big or small the business is. If you want to stay on the ball in the long term, you should buy likes now and invest in the future.

7. More Facebook likes bring advantages over other market participants

With every fan you inspire trust and increase the value of your site. They are an important indicator of the popularity of companies and help to attract new customers in the long term. Who would rather be lost in the flood of thousands of fan pages than stand out from the crowd?

What to Consider when Buying Facebook Followers & Likes

So far, so good. But can you buy Facebook fans? Is buying Likes safe? Where are the followers from? And who uses the service? These are legitimate questions that we are happy to answer.

Why you should buy Facebook followers

Buying likes is an element of social media marketing that visually enhances an online presence. This is no different from a new, improved design or attractive posts. According to a judgment of the Hamburg Regional Court of 10 January 2013 (Az. 327 O 438/11), a click on the “Like Button” represents a pure expression of favour. This cannot be equated with a competitive advantage or misleading. If you want to know precisely, consult a lawyer with the appropriate specialization – we do not replace legal advice.

Buying Facebook fans is safe – with the right provider.

Thanks to the Internet, we can now shop from the comfort of our homes and get everything we can imagine. At 12 noon or 3 a.m. And everything your heart desires. But online shops also harbour risks, e.g. B. in the form of so-called fake shops, which scammers operate. When buying Likes – and any goods and services – you should check whether the seller is reputable. A phone call to the stored number is often enough to clarify the situation. Data security also plays a significant role – after all, purchasing Likes should be discreet and boost the growth of your account.

Last but not least, the question arises about how Facebook deals with purchased Likes. Here we can draw on a wealth of experience. Since 2013 we have mediated fan page likes for thousands of pages. However, blocking an account or a fan page has never been brought to our attention as a complaint. The fact that some likes can disappear after a while is also experienced by site operators who have not bought any likes. As soon as a user deletes their profile on Facebook, their entire activity is lost – including their likes, even if there were a lot.

Where do the purchased Facebook Likes come from?

The type of Facebook Likes varies depending on the provider. “Bots” may be a term for some. These are likes that are generated by a computer. So there are no profiles behind the likes, but robots that do nothing other than subscribe to Malaysian fan sites.

We do not recommend this type of Facebook Fanpage Likes. A safer and more sustainable solution is many likes from real users. We work with networks where Facebook users can register and like Pages. These can be Malaysian Facebook users and international users from all over the world. Incidentally, only you can see the origin of the likes. Visitors to your page can only see the number of likes, not individual fans.

For which pages Facebook Likes were bought…

… we would never tell. Discretion comes first. That’s why we never advertise with customer references or disclose confidential data. But we can tell you this much: whether private or business customers, medium-sized companies, startups or sole proprietors, from education to entertainment – the competition for more Facebook likes is an issue for various people and companies.

How much do the likes cost?

The price of Likes for Facebook varies depending on the provider. We have likes from as little as 3 cents per fan, including VAT, if you select the “5,000 Facebook likes” package when Buying.

What experiences have customers had with the Likes service?

Before Buying from a Likes service, be sure to also pay attention to the experiences and ratings of customers. We have received almost exclusively positive customer reviews, which is often not the case with other providers.

And This is How it Works.

The black box clears. But how does it look in practice? Read our step-by-step instructions on how to buy likes, what exactly you get and what happens afterwards.

Buy Facebook followers Malayia – easy and fast.

As in any other online shop, you have different offers. Have you opted for a product – e.g. B. Buy 100 Malaysian Facebook fans – decided, put it in the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout? There you store your billing data and select your preferred payment method. Once the Buy has been completed, you will receive an order confirmation and an invoice by e-mail. So your “work” is done. At the same time, your Buy enters our system. This will be processed quickly, i.e. the Buy will be checked and posted.

During the week and business hours, it usually takes 24 hours for growth to start after buying likes. It may take a little longer in the evenings and on weekends. If a wrong link was given when Buying or if there are any other queries, we will contact you by e-mail. It is not so hard!

Buy today from Social Viral.

At Social Viral, you can get many Facebook Likes at attractive prices. We offer both international and Malaysian likes. We stand for uncomplicated processing and exclusive service. We have many years of experience in social media and are happy to support you in optimizing your fan page and the number of likes.

Since good advice is important to us, we recommend, for example, that you regularly upload informative content that is relevant to the target group. Because on Facebook, if you post little, you will be pushed out of the news feed of most users despite the high number of fans and lose reach and likes.

Other social media services

Incidentally, for more activity and reach on your fan page, you can receive Malaysian likes and comments for posts from us, not just likes. Or do you want to get likes and followers for other channels? In addition to likes, we also offer Instagram followers from Malaysia, YouTube subscribers, Facebook likes and much more.

Just click through our online shop – the right product will surely be there for you. If you would like your Facebook page’s complete creation and individual support, please do not hesitate to contact us. By the way, if you want to try it out, you can get 50 likes for a Facebook post from us – free of charge.

Why Social Viral?

We at Social Viral have been helping numerous people to expand their social media reach reliably for over 7 years. As a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur, you are guaranteed safe and professional processing!

  • Well over 5,000 satisfied customers since 2021.
  • Fast processing of your order – also in the evenings and on weekends.
  • First-class support via email and phone.

What Our Clients Say

There’s nothing more powerful than the voice of our satisfied clients. Their experiences illuminate the quality and efficiency of our services at Social Viral. As we continue to help businesses, influencers, and individuals amplify their Facebook presence, we are humbled and inspired by the positive feedback we receive. Here’s what some of our esteemed clients have to say about their journey with us:

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